Local Issues With a Serious Eye

The point of this blog is to show and tell people of the deception, corruption and genocide of the American people. I will not be polite, I may even use the fuck work once and while. Your insipid local papers, dont care about you and anything except dog parks and property tax delinquencies. Im probably going to be rude, and Im probably going to piss you right the fuck off. but the truth needs to be told, and you are not getting the truth from the local rags; they just waste a lot of trees and time. This is mostly out of self preservation by hopefully breaking people out of their narcosis of sports, celebrity, politics as usual and all other forms of idol worship.

At the risk of being so called “anti semitic”, I will be taking to task Kiryas Joel and the rampant corruption that plagues New York state at all levels, and consequently our communities that your local presses refuse to report.

I will be addressing the ongoing unlawful wars and how our vets dont get the proper care and help they need, along with many being homeless. We need to bring our troops home as the president Obama promised he would do.

I will be addressing 911 and other frauds with evidence I have a accumulated over the years from other investigators. This is not a happy story. The evidence doesnt match the allegations.

I will be discussing the unbelievable high death rate of the medical system; its genocide folks, and you are on the list.

I will discuss the rampant pedophile epidemic in this country at all levels, this is not just in back woods, this is among the Hollywood elite and our so called representatives. This is a horrible story but must be told and its a big one. I will also discuss all religions including satanism.

Why your public schools are complete failures, how its financed and your homes are put up as collateral to back the bond by the like of Goldman Sachs and Wall St. thru property tax, which I suspect are also unlawful. Is this about education, or confiscation of property?

Along with many pressing issues that face our country and consequently our local towns. We are in dire straights and very few people are not noticing or care, until it gets too late, you, your children are in the streets, and KJ moves in, because that’s what coming. The most “impoverished community in America” owns influential amounts of the the commercial property around you. %80 of you dont own your own homes. You are renting, and when you default on your mortgage, due to an already adversarial banking system in an adversarial economic climate, you and your children may end up homeless, then KJ buys your property for pennies, while you get no return in equity, while being over taxed. This is a question Id put towards the representatives. Who I feel are not representing us, but are being taxed right over to KJ. this so called bloc vote obviously doesnt serve the interests of the constituency  unless you are from KJ. Everyone else gets left with the bill.

I will also be discussing mens rights because I feel men have gotten a bad rap. If it werent for men, women wouldn’t have the things they would have if some man some where down the line didnt crawl into a hole and get it. Period. So get off the equality thing.

Frankly %98 of you have no clue, and the %2 who do, are out numbered. This will be a daunting task but it will be attempted, so one day when I go before God, I can say I tried. I hope I am around long enough to see positive change or to tell others, ” I told you so”

There will be several writers for this blog, I cant do it alone. So buckle your seat belts, its going to be one Hell of a ride.

regards, Hellen Bach


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Long time investigative researcher
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