White Guilt

White Guilt. Im not a racist, never been a racist; I just dont have the time or emotional energy to hate someone because of their skin color. That always struck me as ‘superstitious’ and maybe a primitive throw back to tribal days. But on the other hand I know I have been discriminated because I have been white and non jewish. Or even because I wasnt black or puerto rican as an example. People generally like to stay in their cultural comfort zone, even us whites. I just wanted to post a link of an article that I thought was spot on and make great points. I know our children sit thru 3 weeks of ‘holocaust’ brainwashing to inculcate whites with an “implied guilt” over a “holocaust” that never quite happened the way it was alleged, and that Americans had very little to do with. As a matter of fact, American whites fought the evil nazis; so why are we paying for reparations ? THEY should be paying US.

We spend a lot of money on property taxes, putting our houses up as collateral to pay a Wall St bond off, to send our children to school to have their heads filled with socialist nonsense, that I could teach in 6 months, for free. Is it any wonder the students are not really getting the knowledge they need to set goals and meet them ? Unless it is some corporate fast track.

The social agenda is so lop sided, you never get the straight truth and the whole story.  The evidence and science of a “holocaust” just never quite adds up. Though its reported as gospel ad infinitum. Like I am supposed to believe that Germans, just happened to have a collective break down for 2 nights, all over Germany, because some jewish teenage boy shot a German ambassador, and not even his original target. This doesnt add up. There had to many other factors that are never taught. I wanted to see Germany’s side of the story, which we never really get with our over monopolized pro pharisee publishing houses. I want to know WHY Germany got so bent out of shape. I have some very interesting observations and information to share on this taboo subject. Remember I check the numbers and evidence, unlike your local rags designed to keep you unempowered, malinformed over loaded with sports scores and celebrity whore porn. http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2012/07/dealing-with-the-holocaust/


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