The otherside of the story . . .

We never really get the other side of the story. So I started researching what happened in Germany during the Weimar Republic, Ive gone into the “forbidden zone” to get the German’s side of the story. I wanted to know why the Germans turned on the jews. I am not so sure that there wasnt jewish provocateurs egging Germans on for Kristallnacht, just a temporary observation at the moment. Germany was least inclined for war, but England was most inclined for war in the history of Europe. Here is some research. Rodney Martin calls it Weimar America;

by historian Rodney Martin

The NSDAP economic restructuring of Germany –

Which most anybody would agree with, whether you agreed with Hitler or not; he put his country back to work, provided private home ownership, protected farms, nullified the debt, protected the Germans from predatory banking, got rid of the ‘middle man’ and brought pride back to Germany. In a sense, he was a rock star messiah to the Germans.

I am also having serious problems with the “holocaust” scenario, things do not add up, there are major serious logistical problems and flaws with historical accuracy pushed as gospel in media, public school and college. From the total numbers (discussed in the earlier Kristallnacht post) to the actually gassings with zyklonB, meaning the methods of releasing the gas to the evacuation of the gas, to getting hundreds of victims out of the gas chambers, where doors opened in, had no locks and could be opened form the inside. this is the Auschwitz gas chambers as demonstrated by a Jewish man named David Cole –

David Cole on Montel

David Cole on Phil Donahue

David Cole’s full documentry

These are major flaws in history taught as gospel, held over every bodies head as a weapon of extortion.


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