Acidic Juice

Cornwall, you are toast. Your government is over priced, inefficient, and unaccountable. Your school system is a total fraud. I guarantee most of you are in debt if not nearing debt and maybe bankruptcy. Im sure %80 of you are still under contract with a bank to financed your house. Someone in Cornwall, who lived in his house for 28 years, had 2 years left to pay at $20,000. The bank wouldn’t work with him, and took his house back, without giving him back the equity that he put into the house. Now I know we all pay far too much property tax, along with rising prices in gas and consequently food prices, as the package shrinks. In case you have a hospital emergency, they ship you crackers up to the ghetto, for the latest in staph infections, while Curious Joel, gets the third floor are St Lukes, ironically. They are just waiting to Cornwall, to die off and foreclose before they move their families in. They already got one of their house built next to their plazas if you havent noticed. They already own most of the commercial property, for the “most impoverished community in America”, they sure have the cash for property when they need it. You see while all of you have been whoring around with the low rent local prostitutes, fucking around with each other wives and whatever town whores there are, the jews have been wringing their bloody claws, drooling for those Hudson River views. While you have been popping copious amounts of mental pills and prescribed by your local phairsee witch doctors, kicking them back with generous amounts booze at your local shithole bars, the jews are just waiting for their enemies to float by on the river. They are gunning for your town, and surrounding towns. They burn a factory down, and you stare like a deer in the headlights because you dont have the wear with all to say or do anything because you are all spineless, and your public school education has set you up to fail. Hence your impotence to do anything about it. the cops would rather razz the guy with stupid flags on the front of his store than deal with the judeo-satanist cults violations. Maybe they have them paid off too. The chief thinks the fire was an “accident”. Sure. AP reporter and one of the worlds top researchers stated once, ” The white race is the golem for the rabbis”. It was one of the most beautiful things and fuck up things I have ever heard. Beautiful because he hit the God damn nail on the head and made something so clear to me about the stupid goyim; that’s you, Cornwall. Fucked up because its is a horrible realization that when gentiles are told to jump, they say how high. Its quite embarrassing to watch. But you jerks deserve what you are getting. Im not sure who I despise more, jews or gentiles.Your local representatives have completely sold you out, while you break backs to stay a float, unless you are part of the crime syndicate, you are all pretty much toast. I have a few years left on mortgage, I wish there was a better way, but we are all rushing head on into economic doom, while we have an immigrant insurgency taking our jobs.

You all have Dragonitis. Wake up.

sincerely, Hellen


About therealcornwalllocal

Long time investigative researcher
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